Colorectalcanceristhesecondmostcommoncauseofcancer-relatedmortalityworld-wide.[3] Colorectal cancer is largely preventable, with early detection being associated with a 90% cure rate.[4] Colonoscopy is an effective method for colorectal cancer screening and has been shown to reduce both the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer when applied in the general population. Inadequate pre-colonoscopy bowel cleansing reduces the diagnostic accuracy of colonoscopy, particularly for the detection of smaller lesions and sessile (slightly flattened) polyps. This may result in repeated procedures, thereby potentially increasing patient burden, resource requirement and costs and can possibly delay the initiation of treatment.[5],[6],[7]

About Norgine

Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been bringing transformative medicines to patients for over a century. Our commitment to transforming people’s lives drives everything we do and our European experience, fully integrated infrastructure and exceptional partnership approach enables us to quickly apply creative solutions to bring life-changing medicines to patients that they may not otherwise be able to access. Norgine is proud to have helped 22 million patients around the world in 2020 and generated EUR448 million in net product sales, a growth of 7% over 2019.

Norgine has a direct presence in 12 European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. We also have a strong global network of partnerships in non-Norgine markets. We are a flexible and fully integrated pharmaceutical business, with manufacturing (Hengoed, Wales and Dreux, France), third party supply networks and significant product development capabilities, in addition to our sales and marketing infrastructure. This enables us to acquire, develop and commercialise specialist and innovative products that make a real difference to the lives of patients around the world.

In 2012, Norgine established Norgine Ventures, a complementary business which supports innovative healthcare companies through the provision of debt-like financing in Europe and the US. For more information, please visit

NORGINE and the sail logo are trademarks of the Norgine group of companies.

About Beijing Podconley

Beijing Podconley is committed to building a portfolio of perioperative care including preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care products. We aim to develop safe, effective and value added products for improving patients’ quality of life during the perioperative period. To enrich our portfolio, in addition to our own development of modified drugs, Podconley is also in pursuit of license-in and collaborations with partners.

Podconley used to be an R&D subsidiary company of Gloria Pharmaceuticals. Having started as an R&D company, Podconley focused on developing technology for insoluble drug injection and has established a fat emulsion technology platform, which is well-known in China.

Podconley became a split-off company from Gloria in 2018 and received an investment by Jingfeng Pharmaceuticals which accelerated its business further.


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