Tel Aviv, Israel (ots/PRNewswire) Rootclaim helps people get to the bottom line of complex news stories by combining the validity of mathematics with the power of the crowd

Today, serial entrepreneur Saar Wilf launched Rootclaim-a collaborative analysis platform that transforms how people understand complex issues. Rootclaim is the first solution to combine the mathematical validity of Bayesian inference with the power of crowdsourced information.

“Our aim is to become the most credible voice of reason on any issue, using the best tools for critical analysis of complex problems,” says co-founder Saar Wilf. “That’s why we’ve created a transparent, fact-based platform where anyone can go for the most objective analysis of any real-world issue.”

In today’s world of information overload it’s harder than ever to make sense of the facts: Do vaccines cause autism? ( What happened to the missing Malaysia airlines flight? ( ia-airlines-flight-370-8369) Who shot down the passenger plane over Ukraine? ( ines-flight-17-over-ukraine-8129) and even What’s really going on with Donald Trump’s hair? ( e-story-behind-donald-trump-s-hair-12734) The wide range of questions all have one thing in common: each has several competing explanations claiming to be the truth.

The Rootclaim model breaks down highly complex issues into small questions that are simple enough to be answered by humans, and then uses these answers to reach mathematical conclusions. “Rootclaim’s proven methodology generates better, more accurate results than human reasoning alone can ever achieve,” explains co-founder Aviv Cohen.

Rootclaim allows anyone to impact an analysis by contributing evidence, rational explanations, and historical data. Unlike polling or voting, a strong claim by one person can beat many widely supported weaker claims.

A substantial body of research, including Nobel Prize-winning works by Kahneman and Tversky, has shown that the human brain is unreliable when it comes to accurately assessing complex problems. This means the only way to navigate a sea of half-truths is to complement humanity’s fallible intuition with objective probabilistic analysis. At a time in which the line between fact and fiction is increasingly blurred, Rootclaim cuts through the confusion and calculates the true bottom line.

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